The Herault

Google Map showing the department Herault,
just north of the mediterranean coast.
The Herault is a region of France, just north of Montpellier and forms part of the Languedoc-Rousillon department.
It is surrounded by the departments of Aude, Tarn, Aveyron and Gard.
The region is primarily limestone, offering scenic river gorges, natural cirques and beautiful caves.
The Herault also produces excellent, fruity wine and is the home of Vin de Pays de L'Herault, which produces mostly red wine and rosé from the region.

The Viz valley, Herault

The region has several major river valleys, two of the most significant are the Vis and the Herault. These river valleys host several cave systems and the Vis in particlular is headed by the Source de la Vis (or Foux de la Vis), a stunning resurgence and old mill at the head of the valley, 1KM walk from the nearest road.
The river Herault is 92 miles (148KM) long and the source is on the slopes of Mont Aigoual, part of the Massif Central in the Cévennes.

Along the rivers are some picturesque towns, such as Saint-Guilhem le Désert and Saint Maurice de Navacelles, which hosts the jaw-dropping Cirque de Navacelles. There are also some superb show caves to visit, which offer quality excursions and excellent commentary of cave formation in the area. Grotte des Demoiselles offers cathedral-like fossil formations and dripstone organ pipes, amongst some chambers of large dimensions - the 'Cathedral' is 52 metres high.
La Grotte de Clamouse is one of the best decorated caves in France. Showing off plentiful aragonite, pristine stalactites and columns and straws and helictites, the show cave do an amazing job of commentary and education with the slide show at the start of the tour. The light show near th eend of the tour may not be to everyones taste, but they put a lot of effort into everything they do and do the cave justice. Clamouse light show.

Grotte de Dargilan is a beautiful showcave set in the breath taking scenery of nearby Lozére.

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